Boogie Nights Dance…

was born out of an incessant need to dance, and to share that boogie fever with anyone willing to catch it. Boogie Nights Dance celebrates us as people, our bodies in all their glorious and varied shapes and damnnn funky music in a series of casual dance classes and workshops. No matter your age, level of experience or persuasion, our dance floor awaits to wrap you in it’s soulful embrace and unleash your inner disco deity upon the world. Heavily steeped in nostalgia from the halcyon days of disco, soul, pop, R&B, funk and everything in between, we’re all about surrender. Surrender to the music, surrender to the boogie and surrender to that fabulous magenta satin jumpsuit hiding in your aunty’s wardrobe just dying to be revived.

If you dig it, shimmy on over to the Classes & Workshops page to begin your boogie voyage, developing a boogie repetoire to break hearts and wow your pals off the charts in an all-welcome, no-sweat (of the nervous kind) class. 

Fancy bringing us to you? We can add some disco magic to your next event. Head on over to 'Get in Touch'.  For any other happenings and extra workshops, check them out at Boogie News.